Sunday, September 26, 2010


Oh. my. goodness. I have never been one to really procratinate, but honestly I have been putting off this research paper for 3 weeks. It's due Wednesday, so fingers crossed and lots of prayers for motivation. Not that social media is a hard topic to discuss and research in 8 pages, but the lack of motivation is definitely there! I've done everything I could to not write this, cooked, laundry, bible study, dinner with friends, and planned a trip {TBA soon!}.
- - -
Tonight in bible study we had the privilage of catching up with an old friend, Will Miller. Remember him?! We climbed to the top of the silo freshman year...he's the one on the left.

Anyway, Will spent about a year travelling the world spreading the word of the Gospel and for the last 4 months he focused in the Phillipines. His stories are amazing. One thing that really stuck out in our discussion tonight was the saying that Will tells himself daily is...Get over yourself. Totally true! Right now I'm in this little bubble located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and I think I have the worst problems...writing an 8 page research paper...when really, all my focus should be on God and how I can help spread the word daily. Will is doing this cool thing where he either hears about the Gospel or he tells someone about the Gospel. He is at day 113 as of right now. I find this a great challenege. Anyone up to doing it with me?! Please feel free to share your stories throughout the process!

Visit Will's blog for more information on him and his amazing journey!

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