Monday, July 20, 2015

weekly muse & a carousel ride

What do you do when NYC has hit its summer peak & it's too sweltering hot outside to do anything? Why you make muse boards for the week & take a stroll through Brooklyn, of course!

Yesterday as Bryan & I were travelling back to Manhattan we decided to make a pit stop to explore a section of Brooklyn. Sandwiched between the Brooklyn & Manhattan Bridges is a neighborhood called DUMBO {Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass}. Front Street is lined with cute restaurants & pop-up stands {think lemonade, hotdogs, beer, & ice cream}, but after seeing this post over on Love Taza I knew I had to  pony up on Jane's Carousel

After we melted in the sun for an hour or so, we made our way to Williamsburg to gorge on ribs, brisket, & good ole southern sides. I've been called a BBQ snob more than once. I've tried almost every place in NYC and nothing compares to southern pulled pork & ribs. Behold Mabel's. I highly recommend this smokehouse - be sure to try the collard greens! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

summer weekends

Although the summer officially started this past Saturday, I feel like it has been in full swing for a while. Bryan & I have gotten into a summer weekend routine. Staten Island Friday evening, dinner with his parentals, double header softball games early Saturday morning, & either off to the city or back in Nyack to enjoy the rest of the weekend. So far we have had jam packed weekends . . . . 
walked the highline & cooled down with popsicles
strolled through the 9th Avenue fair
ate oysters by the Hudson River
brunch at Jacob's Pickles
celebrated Hollis' birthday
explored Piermont on a sunny day
look ma, I have curls! 
took the tram to Roosevelt Island - how cool is this abandoned Smallpox Hospital built in 1854?!
a view of Manhattan from the south end of the island.
nailed it

Not pictured are a few backyard BBQ's, hammock swings, a wardrobe meltdown, & celebrating 40 years of shark entertainment {aka me squeezing the life out of Bryan's hand}.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

taking stock | 03

Making: weekend & a much needed vacation plan
Cooking: . . . . more like he cooks, I drink the wine
Drinking: hazelnut coffee
Reading: my Jesus Calling a lot lately
Wanting: to spend a summer night on a rooftop
Playing: Ed Sheeran’s Live At The Bedford set
Enjoying: date day with my love
Looking: forward to a potluck dinner with friends
Liking: an optimistic attitude
Wondering: why Friday took so long to get here : )
Giggling: over this Japanese trend
Needing: a weekend at the beach very soon
Smelling: fresh peaches when I go to the market {trust me, they’re not as good as those Georgia peaches}
Wearing: anything but pants. this humidity has my curly, frizzy hair like whoa.
Counting: down the days til I get my stitches out!
Feeling: thankful & grateful
Bookmarking: this blog. seriously, read it!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


How in the world has April come & already practically over? It's beginning to look like Spring around here! Needless to say, I think myself & the rest of NYC could not be more thrilled! April has been busy & I've had some really great weekends . . .
01. brunch with friends at Supper
02. poor choice in sending selfies little brother - I plan to keep for blackmail haha
03. a visit to FIT for the YSL & Halston exhibit
04. perks of an evening boat ride
05. taking advantage of chilly spring nights with a bbq & bonfire with friends

Thursday, March 26, 2015

spring is here | taking stock 02

Making: summer plans {beach weekends, summer reading list, & bookmarking blueberry jam recipes}
Cooking: chicken meatballs & chocolate chip cookies
Drinking: water and lots of it
Reading: 1984 by George Orwell
Wanting: spring weather
Playing: Afternoon Acoustics {in my opinion, the best playlist on Spotify}
Enjoying: being 25 - some people cringe at turning this age, but I've learned to embrace this decade of learning & growing
Waiting: for this lingering cough and runny nose to go away
Liking: the Spring line at J.Crew {obsessed with this, this, & this}
Wondering: how on Earth it's almost April!
Loving: quick chats with old friends
Hoping: to partake of some Chipotle sooner than later
Needing: a beach to lay on
Smelling: like PB&J sandwiches - volunteering is fun!
Wearing:  striped tee & ripped jeans
Noticing: warmer morning walks to work {read: 35 degrees instead of 15}
Feeling: thankful & grateful
Bookmarking: this
Giggling: over jokes at work - sometimes you need a laugh when you're feeling stressed & frustrated