Tuesday, February 2, 2016

taking stock | 05

Surprise! You blinked & January was gone. As hoped, the start of 2016 has been absolutely wonderful. We've only had one snow storm where we got 14 inches of snow (praise the Lord for a mild winter!), I moved in with Bryan & now officially a suburbs girl, & I started a new promotion at work! See what I mean? Best. Month. Ever! 

Making: plans for a Nashville trip (can't wait for Bry to meet some friends & fam!)
Cooking: the easiest bbq chicken in my crock pot
Wanting: this skirt for Spring
Enjoying: early mornings & breakfast to myself
Looking: for a new book to read . . .  HELP!
Liking: waking up next to Bry every morning, ya know, the small things in life :)
Needing: a relaxing mani & pedi - treat yo self, right?!
Smelling: fresh air when I walk out the door (seriously guys, best.thing.ever.)
Wearing: black everything, per usual
Counting: down til our next date night in! I have the best recipe to try.
Bookmarking: this TED talk for my commute home

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