Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A to Z : JULIE

My friends Elizabeth and Rachel have a joint blog {so cool, right?!} and they just did a post called a to z that describes them. I thought it was really neat, so i decided to do one . . .
A {available} : yes, and the mom asks about it every time i chat with her

B {best holiday} : oooo, i love christmas, but july 4th is a close second

C {celebrity crush} : john mayer

D {delicious dessert} : my grandmothers frozen peanut butter pie . . . to die for

E {easiest person to talk to} : my sister jessica and my closest friends
F {favorite food} : oh that's tough, grilled chicken with bbq white sauce . . . yum!!
G {gummy bears or gummy worms} : bears for sure
H {hometown} : home sweet birmingham
I {If you could move, would you} : right now, no. in the future, absolutely!
J {job} : counter supervisor at charlotte russe
K {kids} : not yet, but hopefully one day!
L {longest car ride} : well it was a bus, but from b'ham to ohio for a high school football game
M {milk flavor} : plain and simple . . . or with cereal
N {number of siblings} : one sister and one brother

O {one wish} : my dreams come true

P {phobia} : snakes, eek!!!
Q {favorite quote} : so i have too many to choose from, but since i'm reading a nicholas sparks book, i'll use the one from the lucky one . . . "it's not the ordinary people you surround yourself with; it's the extraordinary moments you make with them"
R {reason to smile} : sunny days, almost summer, and life is just really good right now!
S {song you last heard} : john mayer, slow dancing in a burning room
T {time you woke up} : 7 a.m. i've realized that waking up early gives me time to relax before a busy day
U {unknown fact} : i color coordinate my closet
V {vegetables you love} : i love them all except beans - excluding lima and green beans
W {worst habit} : gossiping and straightening my hair almost every day
X {x-rays you've had} : luckily only at the dentist
Y {your biggest fear} : i agree with elizabeth and rachel . . . giving birth
Z {zodiac sign} : pisces
xoxo Julie

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

t w e n t y . c a n d l e s

yesterday i turned 20 and we celebrated with a barbque.
here are some of my favorite photos . . . if you know us, we can never get a good group shot.
this was the best believe it or not. little jam session. i'll try and post the videos.

xoxo Julie