Friday, August 14, 2015

girl talk, date nights, hikes, softball champion, & an anniversary

I've been meaning to share some fun photos from weekends the past month. So let's get to it . . . .

Whoever thought of summer Fridays deserves a high five & a snow-cone. There's nothing better than getting a half day & catching up with friends over lunch & a margarita!

One of my favorite things Bryan & I do together is have a low key Saturday date night in. A couple weeks back we made our way to Nyack after his softball games & made a delicious dinner for two followed by a nice chat around the fire pit. 
The next day we went to Hook Mountain to go hiking. The rocky trail follows the Hudson River; so most of the way you can steal little glimpses of the river & my favorite . . . sailboats! The weather was absolutely perfect! My only suggestion would be to wear proper hiking shoes & not running sneakers. I was walking like a granny the last two miles haha.

All those early Saturday mornings & trips to Staten Island were worth it by the end of last Saturday! The Underdogs took home this GIGANTIC trophy!
Later that night we met up with some friends for mexican {read: queso dip & steak nachos}. I also realized that I need to start taking group photos . . . whoops! But I think we got a framer . . . 
Bryan & I celebrated one year together this past Monday. Holey moley one whole year!!! We started the celebration off with a good laugh. My favorite flowers are tulips & the poor guy tried so hard, but was steered to lilies in the shop instead. When I broke the news to him he felt bad, but you still get an A++ for effort, Bry! We headed over to the Roosevelt Hotel for a drink {if you're in the city you have to go. The drinks may be a little pricey, but they are darn good} & then ate the best dinner at Delmonico's. I sure do love this guy {those dimples - how can you not?} & can't wait to celebrate many more!