Wednesday, April 17, 2013

weekend roundup

I spent my weekend in Birmingham and ended in the place where my most fond memories of childhood are, the lake. It was spectacular. Sometimes you just need to be with some good people, soak in some sun, and eat a lot of really great food. And as promised, I'm back to share.
The weekend started by meeting some girlfriends for a Lebanese food festival and a baseball game. Have you ever had true Lebanese food? I haven't, but I'm hear to tell you it was different, but good. I mean, who doesn't love hummus and pita?! After, we headed towards the Birmingham Baron's new stadium which just opened a week ago today. After a victory, they celebrated with a pretty display of fireworks.

Next up, I had a couple showers to attend {a baby shower and a wedding shower. I didn't take any from the wedding shower - oops}. My second cousin {1st cousin once removed?} is having her second baby boy in about a month and we celebrated little Hunter Saturday! I can't wait to meet him and know Meagan and her family can't either! We missed having the rest of the crew with us, but below are Meagan and her sisters . . .
But, the weekend didn't end there. I decided to take a trip to the lake since I had some family in town {knock out two birds with one stone, right?} I listened to stories from my grandmother and her sister and nieces. Let me tell you, they are a hoot!

My cousin Shelby and I sporting our new lake hats

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