Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy {Birthday} Weekend!

Surprisingly enough this week has flown by - praise the lawwwd! Some friends and I are headed to Boston for the weekend to visit friends, play tourist (I've never been!) and to celebrate my birthday (on Saturday). I think I'm going to continue the tradition and eat a cupcake for breakfast. Cheers to another year . . . I have a feeling 24 is going to be wonderful!
A song for your weekend . . . sorry I had to : )
Okay, here's another that has been on repeat
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10 house plants that clean the air
The Lion Whisperer - ridiculously scary and cool!
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

for the beaus

essentials for men
by tom ford and me
1. a sense of humor and a killer smile | it'll get you a long way, but remember intelligence goes farther
2. a grooming kit | or at least a pair of tweezers
3. knowledgeable in sports | because nothings better than some friendly competition
4. white tee and dark jeans | it's equivalent to the girl next door look

5. read print | daily paper, subscribe to a health or lifestyle magazine
6. pick up the phone | stop with the silly tweets and flirting texts
7. a tailored suit | is dangerously sexy
dressing well is a form of good manners
8. printed socks, classic watch, glasses/sunglasses | you should own all four . . . and have fun with them
9. a signature cologne | two dabs and you're golden
10. chivalry | it's not dead . . . and don't ever let it die

Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy Weekend!

photo credit
Whew, what a week! I've had jam packed days all week - all good and fun things. I haven't opened the blog up since Monday - oops. This weekend I plan on catching up on what's been going on, but here are some fun reads I've come across lately . . .
A song for your weekend - Can't wait for Steve's first big tour!
Bacon, pancetta, prosciutto . . . errrr, what's the difference?
I'm taking notes on Natalie's navy & blush picks
A spring wishlist - because I'm sick of black snow and we were tricked with a couple sunny days this past week . . . spring hurry up!
10 signs you're a total Pisces - at least half of them apply
Clever kids make me laugh
What to do when your best friends live far away

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Weekend!

Let's celebrate this weekend with people we love, indulging on sweets, and taking time for ourselves - sounds nice doesn't it? Doing anything specials this Valentine's Day? I've got plans to wine and dine with a couple friends. The rest of the weekend I have allotted time to clean and organize. I started replacing a meal with a kale juice - so I am determined to master some tasty concoctions. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy these links if you're in the reading mood . . .   

A song for your weekend
An Origin Story | a story of two friends with a similar and bizarre background
A comforting breakfast for a snow-filled weekend
Needtobreathe | Prove the Poets Wrong | a look at their journey thus far
I believe Lela Rose's fall 14 collection was made for me
What type of relationship should you actually be in? (I got 'The Social Butterflies' - yep sounds about right!)
Commuting | made simpler
Karl Lagerfeld in 24 hours - can we all agree he's a brilliant and talented diva?
In case you're in a blog-reading mood - head on over to Love Taza who shares stories on her cute little fam (you're welcome in advance)
A rational woman's approach to Valentine's Day
A little weekend inspiration from NYFW's street style photographed by The Sartorialist
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11 kale salad makeovers

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

be mine?

When it comes to Valentine's Day my experiences have always been a little anticlimactic. Let's be honest - the real holiday is February 15th (when all the sugary treats go on sale and you can actually get a decent reservation). I love small, thoughtful gifts (or a bouquet of white tulips), but wouldn't one of these be sweet to give or receive?!
be mine

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

take me away to | napa valley

Beautiful weather, savory food, proximity to the salty ocean, and wine country - Napa is calling my name! A weekend trip with best friends, taking the scenic route through vineyards and valleys, indulging on cheese and wine, seems ideal doesn't it? My roommate when I was interning knew her wine and it rubbed off on me, sort of. I love a glass (or two) with dinner. I think experiencing the process from grapes to wine would make a spectacular weekend getaway.


Monday, February 10, 2014

monday muse

I think we should add a day between Saturday and Sunday, don't you agree? My Monday's are typically very long days and the complete definition of Manic Monday. An extra day would be delightful to catch my breathe before my week started. For now, a little weekly inspiration must be suffice.
woods & fresh air // now that is a good lookin' front row // dangerous & lovely - a wholesome combination // spring flowers // pink lips - pretty look for Valentine's day // how gorgeous is this lace bathrobe? // Cara looking oh so classy // the cutest cake smash // a gem outfit
photo credit found on Tumblr
A big congratulations and hug to my brother who graduated Friday and is officially a Navy Sailor. I couldn't make it to Chicago on Friday, but here's a shot of Josh and Jessica. He has made us some pretty proud sisters!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy Weekend!

photo credit
Happy cozy weekend! We're expecting snow this weekend (which makes for slick sidewalks and black snow) and I plan on staying inside and catching up on my reading and style recaps from New York Fashion Week. I've been trying to read this one book I purchased right before I left for the holidays. Guess what page I'm on? 5. Now isn't that ridiculous! I've got a date with my couch, a hot cup of green tea, and Beautiful Ruins. Stay warm and enjoy these fun links from around the web . . .
A song for your weekend

Power couples of NYC: true love stories
Great tips for hosting your first brunch
The Matchbook Girl is on point
Great advice from Meredith Grey
Card making & cocktails totally just made the agenda for next week
The Gangs of New York . . during Fashion Week, of course!

Monday, February 3, 2014

mount snow

This past weekend was a fun, cold, and adventurous few days. Friday evening some friends and I piled in an SUV and made our way up to Mount Snow. Saturday was my first time skiing on real slopes. I had Kelsey and Casey show me the ropes on the bunny hill. After I made it down on my third try without landing on my behind, we took the lift to the next level. Unbeknownst to me, that level was a blue. I was scared out of my boots, but did pretty well (read: made a few strides and then face-planted). Let's just say I ate a lot of snow and made some pretty graceful falls if I do say so myself. Despite all the falls, I had the best time! And can we talk about the view?! It was insanely gorgeous!
Kelsey, Casey, and Michelle

Tyler and Michelle
I mean . . . that fall . . . it deserves a standing ovation, ha!
the three amigas!
At the ski lodge after a full day of skiing.
Michelle, Tyler, Casey, Brittany, me, and Kelsey
On Sunday some of us stayed back. We took the opportunity for a little impromptu photo shoot thanks to the talented Casey Hyde.  

Meet our new friend, Stuart. Isn't he cute?!

Who doesn't love a red beanie?