Tuesday, February 25, 2014

for the beaus

essentials for men
by tom ford and me
1. a sense of humor and a killer smile | it'll get you a long way, but remember intelligence goes farther
2. a grooming kit | or at least a pair of tweezers
3. knowledgeable in sports | because nothings better than some friendly competition
4. white tee and dark jeans | it's equivalent to the girl next door look

5. read print | daily paper, subscribe to a health or lifestyle magazine
6. pick up the phone | stop with the silly tweets and flirting texts
7. a tailored suit | is dangerously sexy
dressing well is a form of good manners
8. printed socks, classic watch, glasses/sunglasses | you should own all four . . . and have fun with them
9. a signature cologne | two dabs and you're golden
10. chivalry | it's not dead . . . and don't ever let it die

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