Thursday, April 29, 2010

a stroll through tuscaloosa

I mentioned earlier that I was yet again procrastinating from doing school work. Instead of writing papers and studying for finals, I decided to take a drive around Tuscaloosa. In my 30 minute drive I only came up with 2 photos. Let's just say driving, taking photos, and talking on the phone is not easy. . . I like to multi-task. Anyway, the first photo is of our stadium . . .
It's having an addition being built at the moment {last year in the dorms we could hear the workers at 7 am . . . not cool!} It should be done by the fall!! We are all so excited! The stadium won't be complete until the statue of Nick Saban is here.
Next is a photo of downtown Tuscaloosa. It's a charming, quaint street with shops and places to eat. Off the road to the left are old rail road tracks with a walking path.
xoxo Julie

Monday, April 12, 2010

p h o t o b o o t h

What do you do on a Sunday night, no homework, getting ready for another week of classes . . . well we have an epic photobooth shoot which was hysterical. I literally had tears running down my face . . . here are just a few of the shots . . . brace yourselves.

xoxo Julie

weekend happenings

This weekend was pretty chill . . . relaxed, danced, frisbee tournament, and ended with a photoshoot with my photographer friend Sarah { check out her blog here } and my roommate from last year, Mary Katherine.
Here are some of my favorite shots . . .

you can check out the rest of the pictures on facebook . . . just add us as a friend Sarah Ainsworth and Julie Blake

xoxo Julie