Tuesday, March 11, 2014

spring is in the air . . . until the next cold wind hits

My apologies for being absent for over a week, but life has just been life. So here are a few things that's been going on in the city . . .
+ making new friends at work has been such a relief. not only is it important to love going to work every morning,  but enjoying the people by your side is equally important.
+ we were teased again over the weekend and yesterday with beautiful weather. the countdown to spring and summer has officially begun! anyone else out there love daylights saving time? I know we lose an hour of beauty sleep, but getting out of work and walking home in a sunset is glorious! and now we're back to cold temps again, darn it.
+  I have found a trick in making your day a little brighter - fresh blooms. okay, so maybe not a trick, but having fresh flowers on my desk or at home make a space so much more inviting.
+ lesson learned - always dress for day to night because you never know what adventures you'll get into
+ getting my summer clothes shipped up to manhattan is another to-do check mark that I am thrilled about. I can't wait to dote skirts and dresses all season long.
+ a little morning devotional has been so inspirational and a healthy dose of good vibes for the day

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  1. Awesome photo collage darling!
    Crossing my fingers for warmer weather :)