Thursday, November 29, 2012

how to | dress modestly

I think ‘modesty’ is a beautiful word today - and a beautiful attitude.
It's a lifestyle in which my wardrobe has shaped in to over the past couple years. I always go for classic silhouettes with timeless pieces that will last for a while rather than fast fashion that's typically poor quality and only lasts for one season. It's about quality and not quantity ladies. Today, I am thrilled to have guest blogger, Grace from Life in Technicolor. Here are her thoughts, tips, and must-haves for dressing modestly with sass!
Grace and her husband - aren't they adorable?!
Hello Be Inspired readers! My name is Grace, and I write a lifestyle blog over at Life in Technicolor! I am currently finishing up my undergrad at BYU and will be applying to medical school this summer, and I've got a fabulous husband of just over a year who is in law school! So needless to say we hardly see each other (haha. not really. but also kind of really...) . I am so thrilled that Julie asked me to contribute to this post!

I dress modestly because I 100% believe that my appearance hugely impacts my mood and the way I act, and even to a larger extent represents who I am as a person. I think that dressing modestly is an outward expression of an inward commitment I have to holding myself to a high standard in all aspects of my life, and maintaining a level of respect for myself and my body. I guess I just always want to ensure that the type of clothes I'm wearing accurately represents me (or at least what I am aspiring to be!) -- modest, clean, classy, etc.
I also dress modestly for religious reasons -- I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and we believe that our physical bodies are a gift and so dressing modestly is one way we show that we're appreciative of that gift!

Who influences how I dress? Ooh this is a tough one. I would have to say first and foremost my mother, she is one classy lady and she has timeless taste. But besides her I love looking at fashion blogs to gain inspiration of how to put pieces together (my favorites are Atlantic-Pacific and Fashion Canvas). As well as people around me-- I totally get inspiration and ideas from people I see on the street!

I am almost totally converted to shopping mostly online (thanks to my husband who is the online shopping guru). However, I am in love with the whole glitzy department store atmosphere and the awesome decor in Anthro, so I do venture out from behind my computer to actual stores from time to time (usually when they're having a sale haha). Specifically I love Nordstrom, J. Crew, and Anthropologie. When it comes to online shopping though, I have currently become obsessed with (it's Nordstrom's version of

As for my top five must-haves... this was difficult. I feel like I have 25 must-haves! But I managed to narrow it down, here they are (in no particular order):
1. Black ponte pants from J.Crew (they are soo comfy and fit so well and match everything, literally),
2. Oversized black knit cardigan sweater with faux fur around the collar {similar here}
3. Mahogany riding boots (my latest purchase from {similar here}
4. Collared button up shirts -- plain white, gingham, striped, (I'm counting these as one... they go under sweaters, sequin tanks, cardigans, anything! such a staple.)
5. Last but certainly not least is my trenchcoat. Or any coat. I have a huge coat obsession and my collection of coats I've been working on for a few years is one of my most prized possessions haha.

Thank you so much for sharing Grace! Be sure to check out Life in Technicolor and leave yourself some time because you won't be able to stop reading her stories!

Here are my picks for staying modest yet still staying on trend this season. What are your favorites?