Monday, July 20, 2015

weekly muse & a carousel ride

What do you do when NYC has hit its summer peak & it's too sweltering hot outside to do anything? Why you make muse boards for the week & take a stroll through Brooklyn, of course!

Yesterday as Bryan & I were travelling back to Manhattan we decided to make a pit stop to explore a section of Brooklyn. Sandwiched between the Brooklyn & Manhattan Bridges is a neighborhood called DUMBO {Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass}. Front Street is lined with cute restaurants & pop-up stands {think lemonade, hotdogs, beer, & ice cream}, but after seeing this post over on Love Taza I knew I had to  pony up on Jane's Carousel

After we melted in the sun for an hour or so, we made our way to Williamsburg to gorge on ribs, brisket, & good ole southern sides. I've been called a BBQ snob more than once. I've tried almost every place in NYC and nothing compares to southern pulled pork & ribs. Behold Mabel's. I highly recommend this smokehouse - be sure to try the collard greens!