Friday, April 25, 2014

Hello Friday.

I couldn't be more thrilled it's Friday! This week went by incredibly fast. I worked hard, I learned a lot, and definitely need a couple days to recharge. Wednesday was a definite highlight. I attended a morning chat (along with 40 other millennial employees) with our Executive VP and GMM of Ready-To-Wear. It was incredibly inspiring and I couldn't be happier with the company I work with. A big grin is on my face for the fact I got to wear a skirt this week - without tights. Spring is finally here (hopefully for good)! Have a relaxing weekend and enjoy these fun links from around the web . . .

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Monday, April 21, 2014

florals for spring? groundbreaking.

floral for spring

A hilariously blunt quote from Miranda Priestly starts the week off on the right foot.
Easter always makes me feel refreshed. It's a combination of knowing that Jesus died for our sins and the celebration of  the life He gave us through love and sacrifice. Maybe it's the fact that you can officially wear white without the dreaded stare from traditionally minded fashionista's (who else grew up with the rule of not wearing white after labor day to Easter Sunday?) My closet had a major transformation over the weekend. Out with the all-black-everything. Bring on soft neutrals, floral overload, and flouncy dresses. I'm still in denial that it's not eighty degree weather like all my southern folk are enjoying right now. Lightly layering will have to do until this crazy weather makes up its mind. My spring essentials are basic: floral prints, brimmed hats, new music playlist, and face oil for a pretty summer glow.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter Weekend!

It's the middle of April. New York, why are you so cold? I thought I put my marshmallow puffer jacket in the closet for good, but I had to drag it out the last few days. I'm ready for it to really feel like Spring. It is Easter weekend after all. And the fact that it felt like Christmas because my parents shipped the last bit of spring clothes I had left behind (I could hardly contain my excitement when I saw the package in the lobby). Any fun plans for the weekend? Tonight I'm joining a few friends at the Tribeca Film Festival (movies under the stars and they're playing Mary Poppins  . . . ummm hello I'm totally there). I sure do wish I were travelling home this weekend to be home with the family for Easter festivities, but I plan to attend Easter service at a church I've been visiting here in the city. Have a good one and enjoy these fun links from around the web . . .
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Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Weekend!

It's Friday already??? Seriously, this week went by so incredibly fast! It was a productive and busy week at work. Wednesday night was especially eventful. Some coworkers and I went up to the Ronald McDonald house to serve dinner to the families, brought in a few Macy's beauty teams for the mom's and daughter to enjoy makeovers, and played bingo with the kiddos. We had a blast! Any fun plans for the weekend? Some friends and I are going on a Grouper tonight - wish us luck haha.
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Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy Weekend!

Hi there! It's been another quiet week here on the blog which means life has been filled with late nights at work. So the daily routine has been I come home to either a movie on Netflix, catching up on reading, or chatting with an old friend from back home . . . you know - good for the soul type of things. But in other good news, the city turned a little warmer this week - thank the Lord and I had my first experience with matzo ball soup. Everyone in the office was in a tizzy and they rushed me out the door to the kosher deli across the street. This weekend shouldn't disappoint either - time for some fresh air and a little basketball on Saturday. Anyone else keeping up with March Madness? I've got a few brackets going at work (20th place never looked so good haha) and I've got most of my pennies on Florida so fingers crossed they pull out a win tomorrow. Have a slam dunk weekend - see what I did there? - and enjoy these fun links from around the web . . .
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