Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy Weekend!

Hi there! It's been another quiet week here on the blog which means life has been filled with late nights at work. So the daily routine has been I come home to either a movie on Netflix, catching up on reading, or chatting with an old friend from back home . . . you know - good for the soul type of things. But in other good news, the city turned a little warmer this week - thank the Lord and I had my first experience with matzo ball soup. Everyone in the office was in a tizzy and they rushed me out the door to the kosher deli across the street. This weekend shouldn't disappoint either - time for some fresh air and a little basketball on Saturday. Anyone else keeping up with March Madness? I've got a few brackets going at work (20th place never looked so good haha) and I've got most of my pennies on Florida so fingers crossed they pull out a win tomorrow. Have a slam dunk weekend - see what I did there? - and enjoy these fun links from around the web . . .
A 90s throwback song for your weekend
45 lessons written by a "90 year old woman"
These fig + hazelnut + ricotta crostinis look insanely good
60 things about NYC - there is shrimp in my drinking water right now
How Uber changed the way they hire
The ultimate casual gathering | slumber party for grown ups

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