Monday, April 21, 2014

florals for spring? groundbreaking.

floral for spring

A hilariously blunt quote from Miranda Priestly starts the week off on the right foot.
Easter always makes me feel refreshed. It's a combination of knowing that Jesus died for our sins and the celebration of  the life He gave us through love and sacrifice. Maybe it's the fact that you can officially wear white without the dreaded stare from traditionally minded fashionista's (who else grew up with the rule of not wearing white after labor day to Easter Sunday?) My closet had a major transformation over the weekend. Out with the all-black-everything. Bring on soft neutrals, floral overload, and flouncy dresses. I'm still in denial that it's not eighty degree weather like all my southern folk are enjoying right now. Lightly layering will have to do until this crazy weather makes up its mind. My spring essentials are basic: floral prints, brimmed hats, new music playlist, and face oil for a pretty summer glow.

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