Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy Weekend!

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Happy cozy weekend! We're expecting snow this weekend (which makes for slick sidewalks and black snow) and I plan on staying inside and catching up on my reading and style recaps from New York Fashion Week. I've been trying to read this one book I purchased right before I left for the holidays. Guess what page I'm on? 5. Now isn't that ridiculous! I've got a date with my couch, a hot cup of green tea, and Beautiful Ruins. Stay warm and enjoy these fun links from around the web . . .
A song for your weekend

Power couples of NYC: true love stories
Great tips for hosting your first brunch
The Matchbook Girl is on point
Great advice from Meredith Grey
Card making & cocktails totally just made the agenda for next week
The Gangs of New York . . during Fashion Week, of course!

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