Monday, February 3, 2014

mount snow

This past weekend was a fun, cold, and adventurous few days. Friday evening some friends and I piled in an SUV and made our way up to Mount Snow. Saturday was my first time skiing on real slopes. I had Kelsey and Casey show me the ropes on the bunny hill. After I made it down on my third try without landing on my behind, we took the lift to the next level. Unbeknownst to me, that level was a blue. I was scared out of my boots, but did pretty well (read: made a few strides and then face-planted). Let's just say I ate a lot of snow and made some pretty graceful falls if I do say so myself. Despite all the falls, I had the best time! And can we talk about the view?! It was insanely gorgeous!
Kelsey, Casey, and Michelle

Tyler and Michelle
I mean . . . that fall . . . it deserves a standing ovation, ha!
the three amigas!
At the ski lodge after a full day of skiing.
Michelle, Tyler, Casey, Brittany, me, and Kelsey
On Sunday some of us stayed back. We took the opportunity for a little impromptu photo shoot thanks to the talented Casey Hyde.  

Meet our new friend, Stuart. Isn't he cute?!

Who doesn't love a red beanie?

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  1. Graceful? Not the same word I would have chosen but I am very proud of your accomplishments and improvements on the mountain. You'll be carving in no time and mahalo betty.