Thursday, January 24, 2013

learning a lesson

I fell in love. I fell in love with a crazy city : the bright lights, busy streets, and endless commotion. I fell in love with a city full of people from all over the world. People with different accents, who dressed differently than me, who had different views on life, and different morals and beliefs. It was a total culture shock.

The past couple of years have been set and clear as a cookie cutter. Everything was lined up and each step was written out for me - literally. Which classes I had to take, go for interviews for my internship, complete internship, and then graduate. After graduation, I knew I was going back to live in Manhattan {it's in my blood - my mother was born in Pennsylvania and raised in Brooklyn/Queens until the age of 20}. But the cross of dreams and reality have hit hard the past couple of weeks. I thought it would be so easy to find a job right after graduation and move back with in a couple of weeks. Well, I have learned a lesson the hard way. The lesson of being patient. It's not an easy task for me, especially if you know me. I like things to be right away, I'm persistant, and when I have an idea or dream in mind, I don't stop til I reach it.
ha, if only, but I'm learning this virtue one minute at a time

What has helped me the past couple of days? Lots of prayer and reassurance in myself. Being confidant in your skills, mind set, in your goals and dreams is key. Asking for reassurance and helping build up my confidence level with all of these attributes has been so helpful, and refreshing! This morning I woke up with a sense of ease. I know that patience in His timing is what I am learning right now. It's tough, brutal, but I know in the end - whenever that might be: a week, a month, a year - it will all be worth it. 

The last couple of days I have had a lot of time to also reflect and kind of soak in this next chapter in my life. It's going to be wonderful. There are a lot of changes that are going to happen - which I'm a person who is not afraid of change. More responsibility, a new city/environment {hopefully}, and new friends. I've been contemplating what the next steps are, my goals, what I would like to achieve, and how I will make my dreams come true. I have buckled down the past couple days and have spent hours and hours typing some really great cover letters and sending out resumes to every company I think I would make a great asset to their already incredible team of talent.

What's next? Be patience and wait for Him to show me the next step. One that isn't written for me to see or prepare for. Isn't that something exciting to think about? And guess what's even better? I get to share with you all this next stage of my life that will be another great adventure!

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