Friday, January 18, 2013


Happy Friday! We had a very exciting day in Alabama yesterday, it snowed! And it was amazingly beautiful. *Side note to you northerners/mid-westerners who are used to feet of snow - this does not happen in the south, and when it does, everyone freaks out. People get off from work early, kids are out of school, and the power goes out - our power was out for two hours.

Enjoy these posts from around the web until Monday. Have a great weekend!

Song of the weekend

Faces and images found in space

Snowball fight on the quad

And for those who have never visited The University of Alabama, this is the quad normally and on gameday

Miranda Kerr can do no wrong

I don't like cats, but these are cute

Her day was made, ha!

I'm going to need a cocktail party soon so I can wear this, this, or this.

How pretty is this chemise?! Loving the blush color.

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