Thursday, May 29, 2014

time to check in

Happy Friday! It's been a long while since I've been in the blogging world and it's time to check back in. A lot has been going on around here and of course my lack of picture taking doesn't do any justice. Here are the highlights of what I've been up to . . .
+ Saw The Book of Mormon and it definitely redeemed Broadway for me! The acting was great and the songs were hilarious.
+ Met some friends in Central Park for fresh air and a little picnic. I mean seriously . . . how pretty is this scene right here?
Meet Lynn (left) and Hollis (right).
We can't take normal pictures, obviously. I met Lynn on the first day of orientation at work and we quickly hit it off and Hollis and I work on the same team. Needless to say, we've become pretty good buds!
 + Exploring new restaurants around the city with new and old friends - I think Spanish food has become a favorite of mine!
+ Long runs/walks along the East River have become an after work ritual
+ I have found that lunch breaks outside are necessary for being cooped up inside for the majority of the day
+ Spent Memorial Day weekend in Baltimore with Hollis, her family, and their friends. It was my first time there and had an absolute blast. It was great company, insanely fresh and delicious seafood, sunny weather that gave me the worst farmers tan, and bocce ball and card games galore.
Any fun plans for the weekend? I've got a packed one of celebrating Hollis' birthday, catching up with a friend from college that just moved to NYC this past week, and on the search for a good summer read. Fingers crossed I can start my New Years Resolution from 2013 by taking more pictures. Have a good one and see you back here on Monday! 

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