Monday, June 2, 2014

weekend snaps

volunteers, painting, & tired eyes

Cosmo's & dirty martini's at The Roosevelt Hotel
walking the pier

Battery City Park, you sure are pretty
This weekend was a good one. I started it off by participating in a volunteer event with Macy's who partnered with Publicolor (they teach at-risk students how to think critically about their future and prepare for college and career) at a local high school. Each volunteer was partnered with a couple students to paint the hallways of the school. It was so neat to interactive with the students, hear their stories, and discuss their ambitions and future. Because we were at a fashion and art school and the students and I shared a similar passion, it was especially fun to share my education and career path. Hopefully one day we'll have some of these kids joining Macy's! Later that evening we kicked off Hollis' birthday festivities. We ate lots of fresh cheese, pasta, and nutella pizza. It was delicious! Sunday ended up being gorgeous. We spent the afternoon strolling the piers in Battery City Park. It's a definite must-see if you come to the city!

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