Friday, May 2, 2014

It's about time, Friday | taking stock

Helllllooo May! You are so welcomed around here. April showers bring May flowers, right?! We better especially after the monsoon we had on Wednesday. Yesterday we welcomed May with sunshine and warm temps. I've been on the struggle bus the past few weeks with sinus headaches and allergies, and whatever else this spring season has thrown my way. I'm finally feeling refreshed and back to normal. Have any fun plans for this weekend? Tomorrow I'm going to a friends place for an early Cinco de Mayo celebration . . . queue the margaritas, salsa, and the mariachi band! Okay I doubt there will be a mariachi band, but it will be fun! Have a great one and enjoy this take stock list in lieu of links this week . . .
Making: a summer bucket list
Cooking: with the freshest ingredients. Sliced tomato sandwich is what's for lunch
Drinking: green tea: hot, cold, on ice, with honey
Reading: this blog. Her writing is so so good.
Wanting: to take a long walk on the beach. Oh and a garden. Heck, a little balcony would be nice.
Looking: forward to this summer and 1D this August
Playing: Iggy and a JM documentary  
Wasting: beauty sleep, but well worth the inspiration
Wishing: for a weekend with my family
Enjoying: this season of life. it's incredibly fun
Waiting: for summer Friday's
Liking: skirts and dresses with no tights . . .you know the little things in life, ha!
Wondering: a lot of things lately.
Loving: FaceTime with friends and family, my job, new friends, walking home from work
Listening: to early bird chirps, Kat Dahlia, and my heart.
Needing: a coke float and a big hug right about now
Smelling: fresh pesto and lemons
Wearing: lipstick and dresses
Following: my dreams. Seriously - it's the coolest, best feeling in the world! 
Noticing: everyone is going to Mexico, but me! I'm totally envious!
Knowing: that time flies when you're having fun or as you get older
Thinking: about my trip to Italy to visit the brother (TBA)
Feeling: a little exhausted from the hustle and bustle, but it's totally worth it
Bookmarking: summer recipes
Opening: a good book and pink nail polish
Giggling: after watching Jimmy Fallon and Emma Stone battle it out
Feeling: grateful

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