Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Weekend!

Let's celebrate this weekend with people we love, indulging on sweets, and taking time for ourselves - sounds nice doesn't it? Doing anything specials this Valentine's Day? I've got plans to wine and dine with a couple friends. The rest of the weekend I have allotted time to clean and organize. I started replacing a meal with a kale juice - so I am determined to master some tasty concoctions. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy these links if you're in the reading mood . . .   

A song for your weekend
An Origin Story | a story of two friends with a similar and bizarre background
A comforting breakfast for a snow-filled weekend
Needtobreathe | Prove the Poets Wrong | a look at their journey thus far
I believe Lela Rose's fall 14 collection was made for me
What type of relationship should you actually be in? (I got 'The Social Butterflies' - yep sounds about right!)
Commuting | made simpler
Karl Lagerfeld in 24 hours - can we all agree he's a brilliant and talented diva?
In case you're in a blog-reading mood - head on over to Love Taza who shares stories on her cute little fam (you're welcome in advance)
A rational woman's approach to Valentine's Day
A little weekend inspiration from NYFW's street style photographed by The Sartorialist
How to find where you belong
11 kale salad makeovers

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