Tuesday, September 4, 2012

weekend review

Can we go back to Friday? That had to seriously be the fastest weekend ever. I took the weekend off and went to the other side of Alabama where my family has a place on the lake. It was glorious, especially since my family from Nashville came down as well. The weekend started off wonderful with my sister officially asking me to be Maid of Honor! I couldn't be more thrilled! 
And then my cousin and I had a little evening fishing before the big Michigan-Alabama game {which we won "woot woot" 41-14}! By the way, I learned a few things while attempting to fish.
1) I'm not patient enough for this sport.
2) I had to throw out my reel about 5 times before I could perfect it.
3) Painting nails > fishing
I also learned where I get my lipstick fetish from. My grandmother had oodles of lipstick tubes that I found in the bathroom and loved going through her assortment.
These are my sweet cousins from Nashville. I have so many memories with these girls and can't wait to share many, many more {my sister's wedding included}!
shelby, myself, jessica, and lauren
And the highlight of the weekend {coming very close to Bama winning} was The Color Run! Have you ever heard of it? Besides the fact that I have talked about it here numerous times, ha?! Well, it's the happiest 5K on the planet. Seriously, it is. You start out with a white tee on and every 1K is a different color.
By the end of the race, you look like this . . . and I do have to mention that it poured the entire time. I mean poured, not a light mist or a sprinkle. But, it was still such a blast and definitely will be signing up again!

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