Thursday, May 2, 2013

Strawberry Shortbread

While browsing the grocery store yesterday I couldn't help myself from picking up the most scrumptious looking strawberries - they were a deep red color that looked juicy and sweet. It's pretty safe to say that strawberries are my favorite summer fruit. I pair them with yogurt and granola, put them in my cereal, and are the best fruit to put in desserts. I tested out a new recipe I found on Smitten Kitchen {don't you just love Deb?!}.
While browsing Smitten Kitchen's laundry list of recipes, I didn't want to make a cake and opted to switch out her peach shortbread recipe with my strawberries. Shortbread is a type of cookie that I love. The sweet butter that melts in your mouth is delicious and paired with fresh strawberries makes them even better. They're perfectly thin and incredibly easy to make. The whole recipe from start to clean up took less than an hour and is a superlative fit for a cool spring night.

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