Wednesday, August 29, 2012

guest post : trendy interiors

My girl Sarah is one talented lady that has a keen eye for design . . . interiors that is. I asked her to make a list of five trends that are raging in the interior design world and how to make them work in your very own home/apartment/dorm room.

Wall Art
Frames in all different shapes and sizes are a perfect way to make a room feel more homey. You can hang them in various spaces to fill up an entire wall or you could do a simple double line {3 frames per line} with the frame tops matching with a straight edge across. The photos can be either all color, black and white, or mix and match!

This trendy flower has gotten lots of attention because of its delicate petals and pretty shape. They're a great way to brighten a room and brings nature inside. Next time you're at the farmers market, pick up a bouquet to spruce up any room at home!

Kelly Green
This fresh color is the new black. Don't shy away from it being such a bright hue, tone it down by mixing it with other neutrals like cream and black. Kelly green is also a great color to use in the kitchen, as it is one of the most appetizing colors.

Vintage Furniture
Hello weekend projects! Re-purposing vintage finds is a great way to salvage old finds from a grandmother's attic or a flea market. They're usually cheaper and all they need is some love {fresh coat of paint or reupholster}. Not only are they pretty, but these styles are classics.

Mix and Match Pillows
Ah, the accessories of a room are my favorite! You can bring out your own personality with pillows by mix and matching different colors and prints. This is also a good way to bring out those trendy patterns {i.e. chevron} with pillows that when the trend has stopped are easily recoverable with new fabric.

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