Friday, August 24, 2012

morning routine

Do you have a morning routine? One reason I love going back to school {I know, call me crazy} is because it gives me a definite routine in the mornings. No lazy summer mornings waking up late or staying in a t-shirt all day. It forces me out of bed, to shower, and start the day off bright and early {and by bright and early I mean 8am}. I feel like I get more accomplished when I have a set routine.

1. Brush teeth and if my teeth are lucky, floss.
2. Read out of my devotional. Seriously, it's the best thing in the world. Starting my day off in the Word makes me in such a better mood.
3. Enjoy a nice cup of coffee or in most cases, hot green tea and honey. I just ran out of the fresh honey I use and am having serious withdrawals. Good thing I get to see the sister next weekend to get more from the farm!
4. Mentally make a to do list. Then type the list out on my phone in order of importance to minuscule ones like painting my nails and organizing my pin boards {yes, you read correctly. I'm a bit OCD sometimes}.
5. Call or text my sister or brother {or both}. A little sibling time is always needed in the morning for daily encouragement.
6. Make the bed, if possible. Normally, I would make my bed every morning, but considering my living conditions now, it depends if the roomie is still asleep, ha!
7. And lastly, get ready for the day. Shower, wash my hair, and even paint my face {that's what my grandmother used to say when she was applying her make up}. I trade in the t-shirt and norts for something a little nicer {that being a simple shirt and jeans or cute shorts}. Getting "dressed up" in the morning always makes me feel a little better. And when you feel a little better, you perform a little better, right?

Do y'all have a morning routine or is it just me? Have a great weekend, and check out these links from around the web . . .

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