Tuesday, April 16, 2013

beauty 101

My beauty routine is fairly simple. I always wear a simple and natural look on a day-to-day basis, but on occasion I go a little bold with a darker eye or red lip. Here are some of my all-time favorite beauty products, and what I've been using as of late.
The Skin

For me, it's important that I pay close attention in keeping my skin protected and clean. I didn't start getting blemishes until college - whhhaaaat?! I didn't know what to do. I tried every cream, scrub, etc but nothing helped until I started using my Clarisonic every day. I kid you not, I use some daily scrub and let it buzz over the hot spots on my face for two minutes and after my skin is baby soft and keeps it cleared. During the dreary months of rain and I want a pretty summer glow, I use Dr. Gross Glow Pads. Use only once or you'll turn out to look like an umpa lumpa - trust me, I've learned from experience. And last but not least, I apply a small bit of moisturizer with SPF. It's important for me to wear it everyday because of the melanoma that runs in my family, plus it serves as a great base on keeping my makeup on all day.
The Face
During summer months, I skip out on a few steps. Finding the perfect tinted moisturizer took a while, but the time spent was well worth it. I've loved using Tarte's clay foundation because it's not heavy, covers my blemishes without any concealer, AND it lasts all day - which is incredibly hard to find. Next, if I'm going somewhere all day and in to the night and I want a bit more coverage, I just swipe my cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin with a matching powder. Next up, in the winter months I swipe my cheekbones and nose with loose bronzer. And my favorite face makeup, applying blush. Most of my friends don't really wear blush, but I find that it brightens the face. Seriously, it makes a huge impact and leaves your face looking fresh.
The Eyes
I could spend hours doing different looks with shadows. But I'm a fairly simple gal with makeup. I keep it simple with using a highlighter on the brow and inner eye {which is an instant eye opener}, a layer of pale shadow over my whole eye and a darker shade along the crease. For day wear, I use a charcoal liner on either the top or bottom and for an evening look, I vamp it by using a dark, liquid liner. It took me a while to apply it straight, and after a few tries I managed to master it. As for lashes, this is by far my favorite makeup. Most days I just do foundation, blush, mascara, and call it a day. I love super long lashes on a pale face. It makes your eyes pop. I get compliments everyday and most days people think they're fake. Not at all, in fact, I've never worn fake eye lashes. My secret weapon, going slow and really using your brush to elongate your lashes.
The Lips
My purse is always full of lip products, from stains to gloss to lipsticks, to chap stick - do you always lose your chap stick like me? It never fails that I lose them. I honestly can't say I have ever used an entire tube of chap stick before I lost it. I mainly stick with pretty pink and red hues if I'm doing color, although I do love a good nude lip with dark eyes.
What are some of your favorite beauty products and tips. I'd love for you to share!

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