Tuesday, October 16, 2012

essentials of the city

I've compiled a list for all my visitors, wonderers, and future city-livers of my essentials for visiting/living here.
1) Accessories
Scarves, large tote bags, and tights are must for the fall. Scarves are a great way to layer with any outfit and they help keep you warm when walking to and from work. I'm a big scarf wearer and have worn one almost everyday since I've gotten here. Large totes are to store your notebooks and shoes! Yep, that's right, shoes. You can't run all over the city in four to six inch heels in a fast walk. I walk in flats and switch out right before I walk in the office. It's funny to walk down the streets and seeing women wear their nice business jacket, skirt, tights, and tennis shoes. I have never loved tights so much in my life. They've been super handy with the cool mornings. And if you get hot, then you can take them off during the day!

2) A nice glass of wine
I'm trying to branch out and test my wine pallette. Good thing I live with a wine-o who can teach me all about it! Speaking of which, you'll get to meet her on Thursday!

3) Fur Vest
Seriously, I walked in to the office yesterday and two of the seven women I work with was wearing a fur vest. They're chic, cozy, and definitely fierce!
Here are some of my favorites:
1     2     3     

4) Compass
Last night Kate and I decided to walk the streets and find some place for dinner. We were looking for an authentic pizza place {hello, NYC is known for their pizza!} Well, we walked, walked, and guess what . . . walked some more! We had our iPhones out for navigation, but that wasn't helping. We ended up way past the Upper East Side {too bad I didn't run into Chuck Bass, ha}. Anyway, it was a great adventure, but a handy compass would have been very useful!

5) Hand Sanitizer
because you just never know who touched that door knob, sat in your seat, or rub against you {my favorite is Bath & Body Works: Creamy Pumpkin}.
6) Comfortable shoes
Comfort is the key word. I've always said beauty is pain, but when you're walking around the concrete streets, there is nothing more appealing than wearing comfortable shoes. I live in boots during the fall and winter. I love these Vince Camuto boots!

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