Monday, June 16, 2014

s u r p r i s e

A cancelled flight, 3 trains, and an hour delay to Birmingham was well worth the surprise I had in store for my family this past weekend. I just couldn't stand to miss another fun weekend with both my siblings in town. Plus it was Joshua's birthday, his last weekend in Alabama before going away to Italy (for two years!) and celebrating Dad on Father's Day. My sister and cousin Alicia were the only two in cahoots and knew I was coming in for the short visit. It was a miracle that we held this little secret to ourselves all week and didn't burst with excitement. Dad's recovering from surgery and is being such a super star. Josh left yesterday for his 2 year journey with the Navy in Italy (I can't wait to vacation in Naples!) It was a short, but sweet and much needed family weekend.
Family photo right after I walked in. I think the puffy eyes explains their reaction.

And Joshua's prized possession from his time in San Antonio.

You can't go to Birmingham without stopping by Steel City Pops.
Other weekend shenanigans . . .
* home cooked meals and a southern breakfast
* visits from our neighbors and church family
* movie nights where I didn't fall asleep (score!)
* porch sitting and firefly catching
* late nights and pillow talk

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