Monday, March 7, 2011


I turned 21 this past Tuesday and it has been such a blast celebrating. First some friends and I had a great birthday dinner at Chuck's {my all-time favorite sushi place}. Here's an awkward picture taken by our server with most of the group.
Then Saturday I went home to celebrate with the family, which was quite a treat since I don't get to see them often.
The night was spent eatting my favorite home-cooked meal {grilled chicken with homemade white bbq sauce}, Edgar's strawberry cake with sparkler candles, and two and a half hours playing Monopoly. Seriously, it was the best family bonding experience . . . I had tears rolling down my face from laughing so hard . . . who knew Monopoly could be so competitive?!

As for the birthday gifts, they really hit it on the nail! I got an Ann Taylor gift card {I'm really excited about that . . . in need of some new Spring pieces} and a surprise pair of Oakley sunglasses. Here are a few pieces I'll be getting with that A.T. gift card.

And here are my sunglasses {Oakley Polarized Hinder)

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