Monday, September 19, 2011

weekend roundup

Roll Tide! It was a fun gameday Saturday in Tuscaloosa . . . and by fun I mean lots of picture taking, goofing around, and fellowship with friends during the game! Not to be mistaken, we watched the game, but after we were toppling North Texas by about 24 pts, I lost interest. Here's a round of photos, enjoy! Roommates! {true fact: girl in the background hasn't shaved her legs in a year}Note Sarah's tube socks.

John David got to dress out!

And photo of the night belongs to Kelsey and Sarah. You are both beautiful {inside and out}!
Hope that last photo made your day, if not then have a listen Ben Rector's new song titled "She Is"

Or John Mayer and Tony Bennett's take of "One For My Baby"

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