Friday, August 17, 2012

For the Gentlemen

We made it to Friday! A lot was accomplished this week {which is always a huge plus} and hopefully it will continue for the weekend. This won't be your typical Friday post because today it's all about men . . . fashion, sports, music, and entertainment. Thank you fellas who encouraged this post {and will probably make fun of later} and let me add that this was not easy.
Let's talk fashion. Weekend wear is all about being casual. Thanks to the monsoon we've had the past couple of days the weather has cooled off a bit which has inspired looks for the fall. I love a guy in a cardigan, and James Bond {aka Daniel Craig} proves that it can look effortless with out it being too feminine. If that doesn't work for you, then try adding a casual blazer instead. Other looks that the ladies love {take my word for it} skinny ties, gingham shirts, oxfords and don't forget to accessorize.  Not as in the man purse, but watches and glasses. They get us every time.

Fall is quickly approaching which means football, beer, and food. Here's a guide of 5 beers you should consider for this seasons tailgates.
1) Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat Beer
Why you'll love this Midwest brew:
It's sweet, has a low hop bitterness, and has a slight citrus taste.
Visit Boulevard Brewing Co. for more information.

2) Harpoon's UFO White
This Massachusetts based brewery is one of my favorite. It taste like sweet oranges and is smooth from the first sip to the last.
Fact: it's the first beer I drank and finished the whole bottle.
Visit Harpoon Brewery here.

3) Southern Pecan
Thanks to Mississippi we have a nutty and rich brew that is roasted with southern grown pecans. Lazy Magnolia was the first to concoct this beer in the world.
4) Virgin Islands Liquid Summer
I got to taste this beer down in St. Thomas and it was delicious! It reminds me a lot of Blue Moon {I guess I have a thing for orange-y tasting brews}. Want to try it out? I found it at World Market. Visit St. John Brewers for more information.

5) G'Knight Imperial Red Ale
I have to be honest, I've never tried this one. Oskar Blues is based out of Colorado, but recently just opened a brewery in Birmingham, Alabama. I have a cousin who works at a PR firm that represent OB so I've got to try this sweet toffee tasting beer.
Song of the weekend.

Tim Tebow even has to have an accountability partner.

Are you more of a Ford Mustang GT '66 or an Aston Martin DB9 '12?

An Apple television? I'd love to hear what Steve Jobs would have thought about this.

Need help finding a gift for yourself, the lady, parents, or a friend? Mr. Porter is just a click away.

Do you like your burgers thick or thin?

Hmmm, is this true guys?

Paul Ryan's workout.

Interesting fact about Winston Churchill.

Fast as lightening.

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