Monday, April 8, 2013

office essentials

While I don't have a job that has me sitting in cubicles for 8+ hours a day, I do have to look fashionable on a day-to-day basis. Some people might loathe the thought of business attire, but don't fret any further. Here are some basic pieces that you can mix and match for any day of the week. And I'm not talking boring navy, black, or brown suits. Don't be afraid of prints, patterns, and colors. Your bright and colorful closet will make you more than happy to get ready for the day ahead and take a professional lead at work.

Don't be afraid of what the actual print or texture is of the skirt, but more importantly pay attention to the fit of it. There are two things you need to know:
1. The skirt should fit around the waist. Which means no tugging/gathered material at the top so you can fit in that smaller size or bust a zipper when you sit down.
2. The length should be kept just slightly above the knee, on the knee, or just below the knee. Ladies, you're not going out to the club at 9am, so keep the mini's in the closet until the weekend. 
Inspired by the lace detail skirt above, here is my take on a fun outfit for work with a glammed up bottom.
wear to work

Does your office allow wearing jeans to work? Lucky you! My office in New York was pretty casual and we could, but you still had to look the part. That means jeans that are well-made and paired with the chic-est accessories. Adding a structured blazer, fun silk top, and accessories that pop is how to make this casual work wear perfect for the office.
work wear

Printed pants can seem a bit tricky, but in actuality they're quite simple. Since these silk pants are screaming with color and attention, keep everything else in monotone neutrals. A fitted blazer and a splash of white makes this look cool and functional for meetings and happy hour.

work wear

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