Monday, April 8, 2013


After a little r & r weekend it's time to get back to reality, hello Monday! And what's more fun than a few photos and laughs to get your day started?
Rainy day wear results in two of my favorites, pink lace skirt and my hunters.

It was 75 degrees on Sunday. What?!?! It was glorious. Rilee joined me in soaking in a little sun for the afternoon.

A refreshing glass of grapefruit and minneola sangria. Prepare yourself for this delicious recipe tomorrow!
And now for a moment of laughter.
My friend Anna and I went to a yoga class Sunday morning. I have never been to a class before {hello Wii yoga and home workout videos} so I was a little apprehensive after we walked in  and seeing a group of ladies and gents that looked like yoga pros. We tried our best and I felt totally relaxed after {my triceps are so sore this morning, ha!}. Sorry, I didn't want to embarrass myself and post how ridiculous I looked while posing a downward dog or balancing in a tree pose. Note to self and other future yoga class go-ers: stretch everyday, be able to silence your thoughts {definitely need to practice this one}, and eat more granola.

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