Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Roundup

Does anyone know where this year is going?! Seriously, how in the world is it already JUNE?!?! But, I had an exceptional weekend thanks to spending time with family and sending off a sweet friend before she moves to Seattle, aaahhh!

I can't tell you the last time my brother and I spent the whole day together. Most of the time he says I'm embarrassing, oh the life of a teenager. But, I managed to convince him to do so over the weekend and we had a blast! Brunch, popsicles, exploring around town, and a baseball game. And we even managed to spend some time with sweet cousins, score!

And since I am notoriously not good with taking pictures, I didn't take any on a trip when some friends and I met to go to Tuscaloosa Sunday afternoon. We had a dinner planned for our sweet friend Erin who is moving to Seattle this weekend, but got to title town a little early to reminisce in our college days. It's hard to believe how much a place changes in just a year, especially with all the new places going up after the tornado in 2011. It felt odd to go back to a place with so many fun memories and it looking completely different. It was nice to get out walk the streets again, but I can't imagine still living there.

You college grads, how do you feel about going back to your college towns? Do you feel really old and out of place?

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