Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 in Review

Whoa, how in the world is it almost 2014?! I blinked and 2013 is almost over. Needless to say, time does fly when you're having fun. This past year was quite the learning experience. As a recent college graduate I was forced into reality of transitioning from college to real-world life. It was a little bumpy at first, but by the grace of God, I have ended the year in a new and thrilling environment and place in my life. I managed to check off a few of my goals from the start of the year and can't wait to start tackling my goals for 2014. Cheers to a happy, healthy new year!
I want to start this new year as a fresh start. And to do so, I don’t want to harp on the negatives of unrealistic goals that most people make for new year resolutions. Instead I want to eat locally and read more. Light candles for dinner. Say yes to another glass of wine. Be adventurous and travel on a whim. Climb back into bed on a rainy Sunday. Host a monthly game night. Text less and call more. Write often. Spend more time outdoors and wear heels to brunch. I can feel it already, 2014 is going to be a good one!

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