Monday, September 1, 2014

moments from august

Adventures in Smorgasburg means lots of good food, fresh coconuts, & a whole lotta hipsters. See ya next summer Brooklyn!

In bed, lights off at 11 o'clock, then getting a phone call from a girlfriend to go have a drink. Yep that happened & it turned out to be a fun night!
One of my favorite reasons of working at Macy's is having the opportunity to get involved in the community. Being on the United Way committee this year not only has led to making new friends at work, but I also got to help out at a benefit concert with proceeds going to United Way of NYC.

Brunch at The Penrose where the food & drinks are just as delicious as they are pretty.
See what I mean? Shrimp & grits with a cool twist.
SEC Alumni happy hour at American Whiskey. There was even a controversy over someone taking the Alabama name tags. Gotta love those SEC rivalries!
First game of the season at The Ainsworth - Roll Tide!

Ending the summer has never been more picturesque.
Sorry for the silence - again! This summer has been filled with fun travels to the beach & exploring new places. Our last summer Friday has come & gone, which is slightly heartbreaking. Who doesn't love to squeeze in a little extra weekend time? The beginnings of fall are slowly creeping into the city. I'm not complaining at all since that means apple picking, pumpkin spice lattes, & cozy sweaters are coming my way.

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