Thursday, June 18, 2015

taking stock | 03

Making: weekend & a much needed vacation plan
Cooking: . . . . more like he cooks, I drink the wine
Drinking: hazelnut coffee
Reading: my Jesus Calling a lot lately
Wanting: to spend a summer night on a rooftop
Playing: Ed Sheeran’s Live At The Bedford set
Enjoying: date day with my love
Looking: forward to a potluck dinner with friends
Liking: an optimistic attitude
Wondering: why Friday took so long to get here : )
Giggling: over this Japanese trend
Needing: a weekend at the beach very soon
Smelling: fresh peaches when I go to the market {trust me, they’re not as good as those Georgia peaches}
Wearing: anything but pants. this humidity has my curly, frizzy hair like whoa.
Counting: down the days til I get my stitches out!
Feeling: thankful & grateful
Bookmarking: this blog. seriously, read it!

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