Monday, October 12, 2015

we shall watch sports & pick apples

So far October has proven to be idyllic. The weather could not be more perfect, Alabama football traditions are in full swing, & enough crock pot recipes have been bookmarked to last the season. Weekends have been chocked full of fun events . . . 
Introduced some friends to The Ainsworth to watch the Tide beat the Georgia Bulldogs
Best part of the day was running into family friends from my Birmingham church.
I have become obsessed with this food blog. I made my own version of her Autumn Chicken & Phyllo Dough Pot Pie. I have leftovers for days & it left the apartment smelling delicious!
Hockey season has begun! 
Bryan, myself, & my friend Jenna spent Sunday afternoon in Warwick, New York. It's a quaint little town just an hour north of Manhattan. We picked apples from Maskers Orchards, saw some farm animals, & ate apple cider doughnuts. 
"Act like you love apple picking Bry!" He was a great sport playing chauffeur & putting up with our "Isn't this so cute?!" & "Look how pretty!"
But seriously, how pretty is this view?!

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