Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the perfect tuesday . . .

Hi! Hope you all had a lovely Monday!
- - -
AAAAHHH, today has been lovely!
I went this morning to visit my "little sister" {I'm in the Big Brother/Big Sister Program}, the joyful 3rd grader Ms. Rayven. I ate lunch with her class, which have I mentioned how funny they are?!?! They get so excited when I walk through the door {partly because I am just uber cool, kidding, but mainly because I am a good distraction from their school work}.
Anyway, after a successful trip to Target
{by the way, have you guys tried that Stride Shift gum?! I don't know how I feel about it yet. I picked up the Berry Mint. At first I liked it, but the transition from berry to mint kind of made me nausous}
I went to Sokol, a local park in Tuscaloosa, and it was glorious!!
There's a local horse track/barn that's across the street. Most of the riders take their horses along the trails. Just so happens, one was out today . . .

xoxo Julie

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