Friday, May 21, 2010

quick trip

I will go ahead and apologize for no photos. I know. I officially am the worst picture taker in the world! I even had my camera this time . . . .
Anyway, I just got back this morning {8 AM in fact} from visiting my sister in Jacksonville {Alabama, not Florida}. It was a great 2 1/2 days!
+ - +
Dinner and the fire pit.
Gosh, I wish I lived in a house already. That fire pit is amazing! We could have a little camp fire every night!
Can I please just say, my sister has become quite a chef . . . I use that term loosely. I remember that not too long ago, she coudn't even bake out of a box without doing something wrong or burning something, but no, not Wednesday night. She went all out and it was delicious!
Menu: Marinated Mojo Chicken {delicious}, green bean casserole {yummy}, and southern cornbread {even made in an iron skillet . . . watch out!}
+ - +
Played with the labs {Oaklee and Ozzy}
Was entertained by a Preschool graduation . . .
my sister works at a preschool and has the 3 year olds. You guys, they are hilarious!!! When it was their turn to perform, o.m.g. so funny! Some of them would sing and do the dance moves, then some would just stand there with a blank face. And then the 5 year olds graduated because they are going to kindergarten in the fall and one little boy just walked off the stage in the middle of it! So funny!!!
Then, we ended the day/started off this morning with the Velcro Pigmies . . . a rock/80s cover band.
Overall, it was an exciting and eventful night! Can't wait to go back!!
+ - +
Hope you all had a delightful Friday!
P.S. I'll be working on those photography skills. Promise!
P.S.S. Just in case you forgot, Sex and the City 2 comes out next Thursday!!!!!!! I am SOOOOO excited!!!!
xoxo Julie

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