Thursday, June 16, 2011

5 things {i love about the south}

I absolutely love living in the south. I was born and raised in Alabama. Although I don't think I will live below the mason-dixon line for the rest of my life, I would like to settle back down here in my olden years. I've picked five of my favorite reasons why I love the south.

1. Southern cookin'. I don't follow Paula Deen's recipes because her food is a little unhealthy for my new organic kick, but man I still love some southern food. Corn bread, casseroles, and slow cooking bar-b-que are some of my favorite comfort foods.
2. Sweet Tea. What's not to love?! A nice refreshing sweet tea with a slice of lemon is perfect on a hot summer day! Those yankees don't know what their missing with that iced tea.3. Southern Gentlemen. I have to say, one thing I'm going to miss when I move up north {fingers crossed} is how a southern gentleman treats a lady. Opening doors, sweet compliments, footing the bill {thank you!}, and making sure she's taken care of. I've been pretty lucky to have met a fine bunch and they have me spoiled!4. Time doesn't fly. Living in the south, we tend to move at a slower pace. Lots of porch rocking {only at the lake for me} and live a very laid back lifestyle. I don't particularly like this aspect of the south at times. That's one thing that I'm looking forward to when I intern in the city.

5. Um hello, the south isn't the south without football. It is a religion down here. College Gamedays are the most important days in the fall. It's just a part of our culture that we're obsessed with and most people who aren't from around the south can't quite comprehend.

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