Thursday, July 5, 2012

animal shelter

A couple days ago my friend Sarah and I were running some errands and ended up going to visit the animal shelter. Not a good thing for us. I wanted to take them all home with me! I'm a huge dog lover and definitely want one {or two} when I eventually get a house. Look at all these cute little faces, how could you not fall in love?!

this little girl was my favorite

This picture does Sugar {that's what his name tag said} no justice. When he jumped up, he was as tall as I am {almost 5'6}!
 Are y'all animal lovers too? I'm not really a cat person, but show me a puppy and I'm in love! My sister would beg to differ because I'm not to keen on her two huge labs. Don't get me wrong Jess, I love Oaklee and Ozzie, but when they slobber everywhere and get hair on everything I touch {or don't touch} I'm not a fan.

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