Monday, July 30, 2012

move it

Whew, we made it through the weekend! I have two best friends that are willing to put up with me for the next month and a half until I move. The big move was suppose to be Friday, but was pushed to Saturday, then finally 3/4 moved in Sunday. Since this was move #5, I decided to compile a list of tips for moving.
1) Organize your belongings into breakable and non-breakable stacks.
2) Put labels on the outside of boxes for easy access.
3) Throw away/give away as much as you can! For real, you don't need 10 plates, coffee mugs, etc for 2 people. Be realistic. You can wash. As for clothes, if you're in college, you shouldn't be wearing tees and pants from high school. Donate them to good will.

I asked Lauren and Sarah to share their tips:
1) Don't bring your mother.
2) Be generous to the trash can.
3) Pack an emergency bag because you never know when your move in/out date will move.
4) When unpacking, organize your kitchen cabinets on the counter before you put them in the cabinet.
5) Wash your feet before you get in bed the first night.
This is lots of progress. The living room was packed full of boxes, boxes, and guess what? More boxes.

Sweet friends, Lauren and Sarah.

Cool barista in the kitchen.

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