Friday, July 20, 2012

this weekend.

Woohoo, we made it to Friday! I have to say after a nice, long week off in paradise, getting back in to reality was a struggle. But, we made it! This week has been full of catching up . . . in work and friends. Last night some friends and I went to the midnight premier of The Dark Knight Rises and it was awesome! You have got to go see it. It was nearly three hours long, but it went by so fast!
Midnight premier complete with pre-movie entertainment of charades, a large soda, cookie dough bites, popcorn, and Sarah's batman tee.
 I have to work a little over the weekend, but have lots of exciting plans . . .

Attempting a DIY on this necklace.
Workwear inspiration for my internship. Nothing like a simple silhouette with black skinnies, classic trench, and nude pumps.
Making these healthy, crispy edamame bites for snacking over the weekend.
Still dreaming I'm back in St. Thomas . . . oh how I wish!
Other noteworthies . . .

An interesting article on why it's hard to make friends over 30.

Song of the weekend.

Yummy greek skewers.

Cool cars in NYC.

Have you checked out Chat with Julie this week?

Pretty notecards that make me want to write more often.

Spotted for fall.

What French women know.

How to make homemade pasta.

It'd like to add these wellies to my rainy day wardrobe.

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