Monday, September 10, 2012

for the soul

This is the only picture I have from this weekend. I know, typical. My phone is my camera and I never leave anywhere without it, but as usual I get caught up in the moment and forget. Any who, my sister {along with some other cousins and Jessica's friend} came to title town for the game on Saturday. It was the first home game and it was wonderful to be in town with it overflowing with crimson and white fans {minus the oddly and awfully dressed people}.

I also noticed that I listened to a lot of jazz music over the weekend. I've never really listened to it, but after watching parts of The Notebook {one of my fav's} it sparked an interest. Needless to say, I haven't stopped listening to Louis, Etta, and Billie.

The combination of family time and jazz music has been good for the soul this past weekend, especially after these last couple of hard weeks! With these two things, the weather dipping into the high seventies, and hot green tea, I hope this week starts off right {so far, so good too}!

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