Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Hello, Lauren here! So today's all about travel. Now I haven't done much {in fact, I've never left the country unless you count a cruise} but hey, a girl can dream, right?

Here are the top places I want to see on each continent:

We'll start with home, North America:
-San Francisco

San Francisco would be the perfect place to go for a long weekend vacation. I have never been to the West Coast and why stop with just the beaches? San Francisco offers breathtaking architecture and exciting nightlife. Plus I'd probably have a picnic on the lawn in front of those cute townhomes and pretend I'm in a Full House episode.

Next is my favorite, South America:
There are so many places in South America I want to go to, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador. But for your reading pleasure, I have picked just one. Hard choice, but the winner is:
-Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is located in Southern Peru near the Cuzco Region. It is so historically rich {built around the 1450's} and not to mention a breathtaking view. There's a bit of a hike to get there, but all the more fun to be had!

Next we have Europe:
-Prague, Czech Republic

This is by far the place I am most excited to see in Europe. Many say Prague is the new Paris. I have never been to either, so you guys who have...I'll let you be the judge of that! But from the stories I have heard and the pictures I have seen, I wouldn't be surprised! Absolutely beautiful.

Chugging along...Asia:
-Istanbul {technically is it between Europe and Asia, but go with me here!}

This is the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. If this picture isn't reason enough to visit, I don't know what is.

I love all the colors present in this beautiful city. It is an eclectic mix of Middle Eastern culture and European flare.

Next up, Africa:

Safari time! It's time to go Lion King style. I'm not really sure where exactly is the best place to do this, but I know that one day I will go on an African safari. I would love to see all the animals {from safely in the jeep, of course} and the beautiful landscape of this preserved part of the world.

Next up, Antarctica:

Let's face it, who wants to visit a frozen wasteland? I'll gladly skip this continent.

 Last but not least, Australia:

Looks a little like Greece to me. This would be a great unconventional beach vacation spot. Beautiful clear water and pretty villa rooftops. Yup I can see myself already, swinging in a hammock on top of one of those!!

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