Monday, November 26, 2012

weekend round up

Happy Monday! I still had my family in town through the weekend and it was jam packed with lots of sight-seeing, football, and laughs!
Just a warning, this post has lots of pictures.
I watch Good Morning America everyday while getting ready for work and then pass it walking there. I love to see all the cast and their guests for the day! My sister got me hooked about a year ago so Friday morning we woke up bright and early and watched the show. It was so fun to see Tony Bennett and Josh, but some of our favorites were still out for the holidays.
Then we made our way to the Grand Central Station. I had never been, but after reading this post from Cup of Jo, I knew I had to! In the archways right outside the Oyster Bar and restaruant, get a friend and stand in opposing corners and whisper something to one another. Guess what?!?! It really works! I was amazed!  
After that and many subways, we got to Brooklyn. I, once again, had never been and it was certainly a sight to see. We started out in Williamsburg, which apparently we didn't go in the right area. We left there and went to Park Slope. It was one of my favorite spots we have been. It was quaint and so cute with its small streets and vintage shops. It is completely different than the hustle and bustle of the Manhattan life. Then made our way down to the Barclays Center.
After walking around a few blocks we made our way to the Brooklyn Bridge and walked our way back to the city. We walked around Wall Street and took the subway back to Midtown. We were all so exhausted by the end of the day! 
Saturday we spent the day in Chelsea visiting the Chelsea Market {we all know how much I love it!} and went to a couple shops before going to The Ainsworth to watch the tide roll!
Jessica and I at The Ainsworth
Here's a shot of some girls from my internship program with Kelsey's dad that was in town visiting. He was such a blast!
Front row: Cameron, Kristina {Cameron's friend visiting}, Kelsey's dad, Courtney
Back row: Kelsey, Chelsea, me, Kate
Sunday was nice and relaxing {which was much needed}. Alicia and Whitney ventured out on their own and Jessica, Kate and myself went to go see Breaking Dawn. I still can't believe it is over! Then we went up to Herald Square to Macy's to visit Santa. Yes, we did. Yes, we are all over the age of twenty and loved every minute. It was spectacular!

Needless to say, we are all exhausted, but had such a fun time! It's back to work for me and getting ready for the real world soon. Can you believe graduation is in just a few weeks?!?!

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