Friday, April 19, 2013

f r i d a y

Hello friends, can you believe it's Friday already? This month is slowly slipping away. What are you up to this weekend? I'm meeting some college friends for another baseball game, celebrating birthdays, and continuing my marathon training. One thing I've learned this week is that waking up early is spectacular! Waking up by 7:30 am, going on a walk or jog, making a light breakfast, and reading over magazines, journals, and blogs is the best way to start my day! What are your morning remedies? Have a great weekend and enjoy these fun posts . . .
A song for your weekend.

35 things you will never see again - as a 90s child, this list is depressing.

Was your dad hip?

This is incredible. Three people live in a 72 room old bank on Bowery Street, New York, New York.

35 quotes to transform yourself into a leader.

This lace dress just got added to my wish list.

What to cook when a vegetarian comes over for dinner.

Donate here to help Boston victims.

Bizarre questions people ask their personal trainer.

A bag that I want, real bad.

A pretty tray to display jewelry.

How to: rope braid chignon {aka a braided bun}.

Can. Not. Wait.

Like Victoria and myself, do you judge a wine by it's label?

A wall of herbs.

Make your own dressing.

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